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The Invisible Mind Drops on August 25


The third installment of the Murder by Munchausen series is being released on August 25, 2018.  It has already received two 5-star and one 4.5-star reviews:


“M.T. Bass kept me on edge the entire way. I can’t compare it to anything else.”


“After the ending of The Darknet I couldn’t grab The Invisible Mind fast enough…I love this series…”


“M.T. Bass melds the characters into a macabre tale of murder and mayhem confounded with artificial intelligence…skillfully crafted to keep you entertained and guessing.”


Here are a couple of “inside hacks” for the loyal readers following my bog (thank you very much):


  • You can pre-order The Invisible Mind for only $.99 which is 75% off the regular list price before August 25. The regular price will be $3.99.


  • The first book in the series, Murder by Munchausen, will be on sale for $.99 from August 16 through September 18 at all the usual suspects online.


  • Murder by Munchausen is available as a free epub or mobi download when you sign up for this newsletter.


  • If you signed up before Murder by Munchausen was available as a free download, use this link to get your free copy now: https://wp.me/P86xWT-6H


I will be doing an Invisible Mind book signing at Loganberry Books in Shaker Hts.on Sept 2, from 1p-3p. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by, say hi and pick up a pulp & ink copy to put on your bookshelf.


Please feel free to pass this info on to all your book loving friends.



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