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Glenn Beck is WRONG!

May 21, 2014 Leave a comment

In truth, Glenn Beck is not so much wrong as he is not right enough, but I just couldn’t resist using a sleazy mainstream media headline technique. I’m sorry. Here’s a dollar.

US One Dollar -- Silver Certificate

Beck has lately likened the current “climate” of cultural “chaos” due to political correctness run amock as a harking back to the Fifties with its segregated lunch counters and black lists spawned by Senator “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy. But the situation is really far worse. The harsh reality is that, believe it or not, here in America there are Pol Pot-types amongst us who are willfully reeking havoc with their cultural “killing fields.”

You would think that Hollywood might be sensitive to this kind of thing — after all, the 1984 film about the Khmer Rouge’s “Year Zero” cleansing campaign, which claimed the lives of two million “undesirable” Cambodian civilians, won eight BAFTA Awards and three Academy Awards — but sadly, no. Call it Triumph of the Witless.

It doesn’t matter what the outrage de jour is — take your pick: Donald Sterling, Michael Sam, Richie Incognito, Brendan Eich, White Privilege, Travon Martin, the Washington Redskins, Kill All the One Percenters, ad naseum — some Americans are intentionally, nay, gleefully threatening and actually harming fellow Americans for what they say and what they believe, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States not withstanding.

And when politicians use our government itself and its not inconsiderable power to punish citizens for beliefs and opinions they may not agree with — say, like directing the IRS, OSHA, the BATF, and the FBI to audit, question, investigate, and fine groups and individuals in order to harass, oppress and silence those who dare to do their civic duty by taking an active role in what is supposed to be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people — we are not on a slippery slope, this is an Olympic luge run.

What color will the badge be that you wear on your jacket when you go to camp for re-education?

BNY140521 - Concentration Camp Badges

Fortunately, a consensus of citizens agree that our country is on the wrong track, but it is not enough:

Resist the bullies and tyrants who would, by force, silence you and make you abandon the free exercise of your values, principles and beliefs.  It’s hard, no question about it, but history records again and again that the consequences of inaction are far more grim.

Resist 2

Refuse to reward those who enable oppression: the people, the companies, the organizations and, especially, those media outlets who allow themselves to be a fire hose turned against fellow citizens. Oh well, the NFL used to be a lot more to watch when it was all about a game — you know, training camps, not re-education camps.

Bull Connor's Fire Hoses

Reaffirm that all, yes, all Americans — the ugly as well as the beautiful, the right as well as the left, the majority as well as the minority — have the unquestioned, inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Declaration of Independence

  Let us not become a country to be “loved and pitied.”



 CP140507 - Hard Road Art for CDBaby

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From the Clay Pots Song Collection


Whistlin’ Dixie: Democrat Party Heritage

Bull Connor's Fire Hoses

Charlie Rangel, bless his heart, may have marched for civil rights with Dr. Martin Luther King in the Sixties, but the manner in which he now commits verbal and civic violence against his fellow citizens, using the fire hose of the mainstream media, gives me pause to wonder why he has forsaken the teachings of Dr. King and to mourn his abandonment of the principals he once so bravely defended.



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Free Justina: Giving to Boston Children’s Hospital

April 23, 2014 3 comments

PiC140423 - Giving to Boston Childrens

You can run, but you cannot hide.  Recently the Boston Children’s Hospital web page listing their corporate donors suddenly became unavailable:

I wondered if this might happen, so I decided to make a pdf copy of the entire list:

Giving to Boston Children’s Hospital – Donor List

Philanthropy Supporters

ALPCO Diagnostics
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Biomarin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation
Boehringer Ingelheim
Boston Scientific Foundation
Cigna Foundation
Citizens Bank Foundation
CSL Behring
CVS Caremark Charitable Trust
DentaQuest Foundation
Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation
Eastern Bank
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Emotiv Lifesciences
Fisher Wallace Laboratories
Genentech, Inc.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Hill Holliday
Hologic, Inc.
Hydra Biosciences
John Hancock Financial Services
J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Mead Johnson Nutrition
NeuroTherapeutics Pharma, Inc.
New Balance Foundation
Newman’s Own Foundation
NSTAR Foundation
NY Life
Nutricia North America
P&G Gillette
People’s Federal Savings Bank
Pioneer Investments Charitable Foundation
Saint Gobain
Shaw’s Supermarkets
Thermo Fisher
Verizon Foundation
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Cause Marketing Supporters

Alltown Convenience Stores
Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation
Boston Magazine
Comcast SportsNet
Cumberland Farms
Edaville Railroad
Hyatt Regency Boston
Jordan’s Furniture
Kidz B Kidz
Kohl’s Department Stores
Legal Sea Foods
Olympia Sports
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
Panera Bread
Roche Brothers Supermarkets
Rue La La
UNO Chicago Grill

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

ACE Hardware
American Care Car Center
Circle K
Costco Wholesale
Dairy Queen
Marriott Boston Hotels
McLane Company Inc.
Meineke Care Care Center
Miss American Organization
RE/MAX of New England
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Walmart Stores Inc./Sam’s Club

Corporate Sponsors

Marriott Boston Hotels
Roche Bros.
TD Bank
Waste Management

Event Sponsors

Champions for Children’s
Milagros para Niños Gala
mix 104.1 cares for kids radiothon
NSTAR’s Walk for Children’s
Texas Hold ‘Em

Information on Justina Pelletier:

Remember the Alamo!

October 17, 2013 Leave a comment

As expected, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, together with Senator Mike Lee and a band of brave House Republicans had about as much chance of success in their battle to put a stake into the heart of ObamaCare as did Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and the 180 or so defenders of the Alamo.  But let’s remember how that war turned out.

Now that the political looting and desecrations have begun, what can we learn in the post mortum of the “Great Government Shutdown of 2013”?

  • The true face of the GOP establishment showed itself.  Notice anything?  No, John Boehner does not count as a “person of color.”

131017 - GOP Establishment

131017 - Tea Party

  • “GET OUT!”  It is now confirmed that the GOP is as incompetent, success-averse and curmudgeonly as Bernard in Black Books.   See the election results from November 4, 2008 and, especially, Republican voter turnout November 6, 2012.


  • Democrats now irrefutably own ObamaCare lock, stock & barrel and they are pointing that gun directly at the heads of Americans.  (Eek, why the hate speech?)

131017 - ObamaCare Rate Increases


  • We now know exactly who is for the government and who is for “We the people.”


  • Democrats are stone-cold, mean-ass SOBs who will steam roll senior citizens and cancer-stricken kids to get what they want (see ObamaCare above).  If I ever need a heart transplant, I would want Barack Obama’s or Harry Reid’s, because I want a heart that’s never been used.

Obama 2008-2012


  • Oh yeah, the battle for “immigration reform” is next.

Robin Williams Explains the “Obama Doctrine” in Syria

September 21, 2013 Leave a comment
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Hollywood A.W.O.L. on Syria

September 10, 2013 Leave a comment

PiC130910 - Hollywood AWOL on Syria

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Clownism in Kramerica

August 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Who knew liberals would be so clownaphobic?

PIC130814 - Obama Clown

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George Zimmerman & The New Jacobin Club

July 17, 2013 1 comment

The Zimmerman verdict and aftermath is a sign post along the road being traveled by all of us as part of the American “Grand Experiment” in democracy and liberty.

Forget about exploitative cries of racism, the perversion of civil rights, prosecutorial abuse, the politicizing of the judicial system, media bias or the growing confederacy of low-information citizens or any of that familiar crap we’ve become all too accepting of in our society. Trees, not the forest. Symptoms, not the disease.

As Americans, we are all revolutionaries, inheriting our common heritage from a rebellion more than two centuries ago from what was then one of the world’s superpowers. Of course, not all revolutionaries are created equal: Adams vs. Lenin; Washington vs. Castro; Franklin vs. Mao; Madison vs. Guevara; Jefferson vs. Robespierre . . . .

If some of the more outspoken members of the DOJ, the DNC, MSNBC, CNN, the AP, the NFL, MLB, the NAACP, the AFL-CIO, the NBP, ASCAP, BMI, SAG — or any of the other self-appointed members of the “Committee of Public Safety” — had their way, is there any doubt that were this 1794 George Zimmerman would soon be climbing the steps to the guillotine?

Our revolution is once again at a crossroads and the Zimmerman travesty has illuminated the new Jacobins amongst us and from their words and actions there can be no doubt about their disturbing thirst for a new & improved Reign of Terror (Courtesy of John Nolte at Breitbart):

1. July 14:  Witness claims Hispanic man in Baltimore beaten by youths yelling, “This is for Trayvon.”

2.July 16:  Jogger in Mississippi claims he was attacked in retaliation for Zimmerman verdict

3. July 16: Pennsylvania business graffitied with ‘Kill Zimmerman,’ set on fire

4. July 16: Wisconsin man claims he was beaten by teens shouting, “This is for Trayvon.”

5. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protesters block freeway traffic in Los Angeles

6. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester raid a Walmart in Los Angeles

7. July 16: CBS reporter assaulted in Crenshaw during anti-Zimmerman protest

8. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester block major intersection in Newark, NJ

9. July 16: Thirteen arrested in Crenshaw for vandalizing cars and stores, assault

10. July 16: Waiter struck in head with a hammer

11. July 16: Windows broken at Men’s Wearhouse

12. July 15: Store window spray-painted with word “revolt”

13. July 13: New York Giants star threatens Zimmerman

14. July 14: ‘Wire’ creator David Simon says he’d bring a brick to Zimmerman courthouse

15. July 14: Singer attacked after dedicating song to Trayvon Martin

16. July 13: Teen arrested in Zion, Illinois for threatening violence

17. July 13: Gallery of death threats against George Zimmerman

18. July 15: “Kill Zimmerman” Facebook page removed

19. July 14: Man lights marijuana cigarette off burnt American flag

20. July 15: Dozen arrested in New York protest

21. July 15: New York protesters block traffic

22. July 16: Houston protesters block traffic

23. July 16: Police detain Houston protesters

24. July 16: Police officer assaulted in Los Angeles during Zimmerman protest

25. July 16: Los Angeles man claims targeted by anti-Zimmerman mob because he’s Hispanic

26. July 16: Arrest in Oakland at anti-Zimmerman protest

27. July 16: VIDEO: Zimmerman protesters block road, family’s emergency trip to the hospital

28. July 17: Organized mobs rampage thru Hollywood stealing; “unclear” Zimmerman related

29. July 16: Marine attacked, possibly stabbed – reports connect to Zimmerman verdict

30. July 16: Atlanta Falcon’s Roddy White suggests jurors kill themselves

Happy Bastille Day!

July 14

20130717 - BNYY Guillotine

“Where are the Snowdens of Yesteryear?”

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Today, any true aficionado of the novel Catch-22 must be pondering the irony of a character named Snowden “spilling his guts.”


“Help him, help him,” Dobbs was sobbing.  “Help Him, help him.”

“Help Who?  Help Who?” Yossarian called back.  “Help who?”

“The Bombardier, the bombardier,” Dobbs cried.  “He doesn’t  answer, he doesn’t answer.  Help the bombardier, help the bombadier.”

“I’m the bombardier,” Yossarian cried back at him.  “I’m the bombardier.  I’m all right.  I’m all right.”

“Then help him, help him,” Dobbs begged.  “Help him, help him.”

And Snowden lay dying in the back.



“They’re trying to kill me,” Yossarian told him calmly.

“No one’s trying to kill you,” Clevinger cried.

“Then why are they shooting at me?” Yossarian asked.

“They’re shooting at everyone,” Clevinger answered. “They’re trying to kill everyone.”

“And what difference does that make?”



“The enemy,” retorted Yossarian with weighted precision, “is anybody who’s going to get you killed, no matter which side he’s on . . . “

Obama’s Ohio: The Benghazi Massacre

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