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Clear and Present Dangers……George R.R. Martin

September 20, 2021 Leave a comment

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”

― George R.R. Martin





Clear and Present Dangers……Tom Holt

September 13, 2021 Leave a comment

“The worst punishment there is for wanting the wrong thing is getting it.”

― Tom Holt






Clear and Present Dangers……Carmen Laforet

September 6, 2021 Leave a comment

I write short, my words tight to the thread of the narrative.

Carmen Laforet






Clear and Present Dangers……Lewis Black

August 30, 2021 Leave a comment

“Writing is thinking and thinking is hard work.”

― Lewis Black





Clear and Present Dangers……Nelson DeMille

August 23, 2021 Leave a comment

“Lies are like cockroaches—if you see one, there are others.”

― Nelson DeMille





Clear and Present Dangers……Jennifer Donnelly

August 16, 2021 Leave a comment

“Why is it that weeks and months and years go by so quickly, all in a blur, but moments last forever?”

Jennifer Donnelly





Clear and Present Dangers……Gene Luen Yang

August 9, 2021 Leave a comment

“You have to know your past if you want to create a future.”

Gene Luen Yang





Clear and Present Dangers……James Baldwin

August 2, 2021 Leave a comment

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

James Baldwin





Clear and Present Dangers……Adlous Huxley

July 26, 2021 Leave a comment

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.”

Aldous Huxley





Clear and Present Dangers……Garth Nix

July 19, 2021 Leave a comment

“Sometimes it is easier to see the light when you stand partly in the darkness.”

Garth Nix




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