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Clear and Present Dangers……Benjamin Franklin

January 17, 2019 Leave a comment

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

― Benjamin Franklin


Clear and Present Dangers……William Kennedy

January 16, 2019 Leave a comment

“Let us, then, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate.”

― William Kennedy

Clear and Present Dangers……Chesley B. Sullenberger

January 15, 2019 Leave a comment

“Integrity means doing the right thing even when it’s not convenient.”

― Captian Chesley B. Sullenberger


Clear and Present Dangers……William James

January 11, 2019 Leave a comment

“A sense of humor is just common sense dancing.”

― William James

Clear and Present Dangers……Stephen Ambrose

January 10, 2019 Leave a comment

“There are many rules of good writing, but the best way to find them is to be a good reader.”

― Stephen Ambrose


Clear and Present Dangers……Simone de Beauvoir

January 9, 2019 Leave a comment

“‎A day in which I don’t write leaves a taste of ashes.”

― Simone de Beauvoir

Clear and Present Dangers……Stephen Hawking

January 8, 2019 Leave a comment

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

― Stephen Hawking

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