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Yard Dog – Aluminum Level Full-Scale Steel Guitar

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Junk Shop Audio

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Book Review: Chief of Station, Congo: Fighting the Cold War in a Hot Zone

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Falling somewhere between David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King and Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, this memoir is a real world look at a CIA operative’s life as part of the staff of a U.S. Embassy. Danger, intrigue and civil service bureaucratic infighting abound, making it an interesting window into the sausage making of foreign policy.  (4 of 5 Stars)

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Fake News

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More than love

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airscape Magazine

Ernest K. Gann (1920 – 1981)

Of course Ernest K. Gann should need no introduction to the aviation enthusiast ( – in every pilot, or the pilot in every enthusiast). But time marches on and knowledge falls off, so it’s worth making sure Fate Is The Hunter remains at the top of the ‘must read’ lists.

For many years, tattered copies of Fate lived in countless flight bags; even more so than battered copies of Top Gun lived in the lockers of Naval aviators.

It always was essential reading for pilots, and it still is.

Ernest K Gann Quote

Here, Gann is describing his class of already qualified commercial pilots who are filling hard-won places on a United Airlines induction course. They will suffer, they will sweat; they would starve and they would sleep rough – but they wouldn’t consider any other line of work.

And, while the setting is 1930s America, the full…

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Hail to the Chiefs

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M.T. Bass

In 2010, I started on a mission to read a biography of each and every U.S. President in chronological order. If seven years seems like a long time, it is–so long, in fact, that I was reading about Adams, Jefferson and Madison on a Sony eReader.   I doubled up on some of them, like Kennedy, Reagan and T-Rex, so with my “extra credit” reading, it averaged out to about seven books per year.  Not too shabby, as it probably represented about 20-25% of my total reading and many of the bios were quite verbose.

Lessons Learned:

  • The Presidents as men, as human beings, are each uniquely different personalities that run the gamut from one extreme to another, e.g. from Theodore “Bully Pulpit” Roosevelt to Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge. But the bottom line is that no man ever becomes President who does not want the job. Remember, nobody joins…

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How Harper Lee Helped Bring Back ‘Bloom County’

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Berkeley Breathed is responsible for one of the more delightful things to happen to my Facebook feed in some time: The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, who created “Bloom County” and characters like Opus the penguin, has revived his beloved comic strip after a 25-year hiatus, posting new installments on his Facebook page.

In a new interview with NPR’s “Fresh Air”, Breathed says he has author Harper Lee to thank for the decision. He was stunned when Lee’s supposed second novel was published earlier this year as Go Set a Watchman:

BERKELEY BREATHED: I watched slack-jawed in horror as they threw one of the 20th century’s most iconic fictional heroes, Atticus Finch, under the bus. At the time — and this was a couple of months ago — it made me think that there would have been no “Bloom County” without “Mockingbird” because I was 12 I read it, and…

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Book Review: Bone Dry (Blanco County Mystery, #2)

February 7, 2017 Leave a comment

A gritty-as-a-west-Texas-prairie murder mystery, Ben Rehder’s tale is more spicy gumbo than cowboy chili, stirring a Nordic blonde eco-warrior unafraid to use her feminine wiles, a big city mafioso in witness protection trying to muscle in on a home-grown business, and a girth-challenged U.S. Marshal in love with the mobster’s Hispanic housekeeper into the pot with local Blanco County LEOS and locos. I didn’t read the first in the series, but that’s okay.  Bone Dry was a quick, entertaining read with enough twists to keep you flipping the pages to the end of the trail.  (4 of 5 Stars)

Link to Bone Dry on Amazon

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