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Culpeper Minute Men Flag

March 24, 2018 Leave a comment


March 23, 1775 — Patrick Henry declared, “Give me liberty or give me death.”


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Book Review: Fowl Play

March 23, 2018 Leave a comment

Fowl Play by [Spencer Green, Jay]

You know you’re reading “on the edge” when poultry meat processing has become a team sport rivaling the NFL and FIFA.  But, personally, that’s what I like about self proclaimed ne’re-do-well Green’s forays where no satirist has gone before. His plunderous bounty of crazy characters, turbulent plot twists and scalpel sharp barbs are just rewards.

As always, make sure your seat belt is snuggly fastened and your seat backs and tray tables are in their full, upright and locked position.  In the event of rapid decompression, place your oxygen mask on first–but, then again, there really shouldn’t be any children along on this ride. (5 of 5 Stars)

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3D Zebra Stripe Crosswalk in Iceland Slows Traffic with Stunning Optical Illusion…

March 21, 2018 Leave a comment

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

By Jessica Stewart on My Modern Met site:

The use of illusion in art is nothing new, but a small town in Iceland is using the effect to help with public safety and traffic issues. In the small fishing village of Ísafjörður, a 3D pedestrian crossing was painted last month in an effort to slow traffic on a narrow street. The eye-popping illusion gives the effect of walking on air as pedestrians move from one side of the street to the other.

Environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla came up with the idea after seeing a similar project in New Delhi, India. Trylla was researching creative ideas on how to slow traffic when he stumbled upon the India project and came together with street painting company Vegmálun GÍH to create the effect. They experimented for several weeks before perfecting the technique and painting the crosswalk.

The visual effect is striking, as the…

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Clear and Present Dangers……Brigadier General William L. Mitchell

March 19, 2018 Leave a comment

“The bureaucratic party is more powerful than the Democrats and the Republicans, more powerful than the influence of any creed or sect or religion.” ”

~ Brigadier General William L. Mitchell

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Battle of Guilford Court House Flag

March 17, 2018 Leave a comment

March 15, 1781 — The Battle of Guilford Court House was fought at a site which is now in Greensboro, the county seat of Guilford County, North Carolina, during the American Revolutionary War. A 2,100-man British force under the command of Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis defeated Major General Nathanael Greene’s 4,500 Americans



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Book Review: Secret of the Attal

March 16, 2018 Leave a comment

The Secret of the Attal: A Michael Chrome Novel (The Attal Series Book 1)

Huh, what a concept:  a story about aliens on earth that doesn’t involve war and conquest between our species and theirs.  A convenience store in Ohio is where SETI has its “Eureka!” moment when the owner is approached by a regular customer who reveals himself to be from that place “where no man has gone before” and actually asks for his assistance.  It seems that some of the extraterrestrials–who have been here  the whole time looking over shoulders of scientists as they listen for radio transmissions from outer space–aren’t playing well with others and are rigging the game of climbing the alien’s version of the corporate ladder against his son. A fun and refreshing family-friendly read.  (4 of 5 Stars)

Link to Secret of the Attal on Amazon

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Chick Pix

March 14, 2018 1 comment

For some reason I am reminded of this ne’re-do-well’s latest novel, Fowl Play —


chick 0 Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini

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