Book Reviews: The Red Knight of Germany

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Written in 1927, less than 10 years after Richthofen’s death in World War I, Floyd Gibbons gives an up close look, time-wise, at the former cavalryman and avid hunter who became World War I’s “Ace-of-Aces.” The best part of the book is also one of its weakest. The author tracked down and interviewed many of the pilots who survived being shot down by the Red Baron for their side of the dogfight to compare with Richthofen’s own after action reports, which was fascinating. But about halfway through, it started to feel like the book had become just a long, detailed cataloging of the Baron’s 80 victories. Then I realized that pretty much was the sum total of this man’s entire life.  (4 of 5 Stars for Aviation Aficionados; 3 of 5 Stars for others)

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The Analects of Mudcat: Fire

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“Saving fire to use tomorrow is the soul of mankind’s genius.”

~ M.T. Bass



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Cleveland Indians Flag

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Go Tribe!


Sorry…I mean,

Go traditional Native American socio-economic and cultural organizational unit.



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Book Review: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by [Peterson, Jordan B.]

Pretty presumptuous, eh, to write a book telling people how to live their lives…what with rules, for Christ’s sakes. Especially nowadays. And to use religious mythology to boot!

Peterson’s core premise is that stories which have survived for thousands and thousands and thousands of years with themes common across many different religions and cultures might actually have some value to human beings as guideposts for understanding life and making the best of it.  His lectures seem to be an earnest and forthright exploration of that observation.  12 Rules for Life attempts to put the results of his inquiries into practical action for individuals.

Whether or not you agree with Peterson’s musings, conclusions and prescriptions, a fair and open-minded reading of his book will yield thought provoking insights. (5 of 5 Stars)

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F-35 Lightning II Update

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The Clockwork Conservative

Found a cool video catching up on some of the latter developments with the F-35 Lightning II.  Cool stuff.

And first video of the F-35 at Yuma.

And a few pictures to go with it.

f-35b flight line

f-35 takeoff

F-35 flyover

f-35 preps for takeoff

F-35 Joint-Strike-Fighter demonstration team

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Clear and Present Dangers……Winston Churchill

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~Winston Churchill



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