CDR: Password/PIN Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Password/PIN Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may develop after a person is exposed to one or more major stresses due to traumatic internet denial encounters, customer service insults to their intelligence, cyber terror lockouts or physical hardware abuse malfunctions when attempting to login to an email account, social networking profile, on-line banking service, on-line retail store, stock trading account, music/video/ebook streaming service, blog,, or any information, entertainment, news or pornography site.

Password/PIN Traumatic Stress Disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder in the DSM IV. In the typical case, the individual with PTSD initially exhibits symptons similar to amnesia and Alzheimer’s by mentally voiding all thought, memory or recollection of a previously entered password or personal identification number triggering a significant stressor event, which often results in confusion, frustration and rage, leading to socially inappropriate reactions, such as profane and violent outbursts, and causing clinical impairment in significant areas of web functionality.

PTSD causes biochemical changes in the brain and body that differ from other psychiatric disorders such as major depression. Individuals diagnosed with PTSD respond more strongly to a dexamethasone suppression test than individuals diagnosed with clinical depression. In addition, most people with PTSD also show a low secretion of cortisol and high secretion of catecholamines in urine, with a norepinephrine/cortisol ratio consequently higher than comparable non-diagnosed individuals. Translating this reaction to human conditions gives a pathophysiological explanation for PTSD by a maladaptive learning pathway to fear response through a hypersensitive, hyperreactive, and hyperresponsive HPA axis. In layman’s terms, it is always the user’s fault.

Basic counseling practices common to many treatment responses for PTSD include education about the conditions and provisions leading to web surfing safety and identify theft protection, but only intense and mass quantity infusions of alchohol and/or recreational medications have demonstrated any relief for individual sufferers. With many chemical interventions, residual symptoms and side effects (See Hangover) following treatment is the rule rather than the exception.

See also:  AngeurysmGoogliarrhea, Telourette’s Syndrome,


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Jones Soda Sign

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Jenny lessons

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Originally posted on airscape magazine:

Feature photo (above) by Bill Larkins | Flickr  CC BY-SA 2.0



How to fly…

Your new JN-4D


The Curtiss Jenny hardly needs an introduction. Designed for Glenn Curtiss by Benjamin Thomas, who had worked at Sopwith Aviation, the original JN1 was a heavy, underwhelming performer. The subsequent JN2 and JN3 improvements weren’t much better.

However, Curtiss hit gold with the JN4. Mild-mannered, manoeuvrable and robust, the definitive JN-4D variant made up the bulk of a 6,813 airframe production run. An estimated 95% of all American pilot trainees flew a ‘Jenny’ during WW1 – Jimmy Doolittle bent several JN2s and JN4s during his army career – and uncounted folks were introduced to aviation by surplus JN-4 barnstormers throughout the 1920s.

Wings for a week’s wages?

Surplus Jennys were all but given away when hostilities ended – flooding the market for as little as $50, although $200 to $500 was more typical. That’s an airplane…

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Crossroads Discography: A Dream Goes on Forever by Todd Rundgren from the Album Back to the Bars

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Cleveland, 1977 — Grappling with a foreign policy crisis, the U.S. government identifies and targets a hapless rock-and-roller as a Russian spy in a classic case of mistaken identity for an innocent, ordinary, ‘Wrong Man’ hero . . . . or is he?  Unlike any novel you have ever read, this one has a soundtrack. After all, a story whose characters are musicians should have . . . . well . . . . music. Right?
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XR11 - Back to the Bars
“A Dream Goes On Forever” by Todd Rundgren; Earmark Music Inc./Screen Gems Columbia Music (BMI); from the album Back to the Bars; recorded by Todd Rundgren live at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio; released on the Bearsville recording label, December, 1977




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Clear and Present Dangers…Mark Twain

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“Temperate temperance is best. Intemperate temperance injures the cause of temperance, while temperate temperance helps it in its fight against intemperate intemperance. Fanatics will never learn that, though it be written in letters of gold across the sky.”

~Mark Twain

CPD150413 - Mark Twain  circa 1860



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U.S. Navy Flag

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here to stay

hell to pay

wish me away

bright vaults

mute birds

flutter aimless

against Miami’s fire



souls to sell

seasons fell

beside a shell

“Can’t be filled?

Until the first?”

or but time’s spite

spit into the sea

among the anenomes’

balleting fingers fine

finality sting

“I’m helpless. Not

in a position

to influence……but—”




“Your loss?”

always won

another rung

replay the fun

of two before one

against Miami’s fire

“I’m sorry.

I just can’t help you.”




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