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A cool looking Volcano in Ethiopia has blue lava

apparently due to a high sulphur content.


This photo could just be the perfect mountain sunrise you’ll ever see.


Running in Florida doesn’t look that appealing…


Keyhole Rock at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur California provides

a beautiful ocean cave sunset photograph


A beautiful photo of Anatakapau Bay in New Zealand


A look at Bavaria with lots of colour in this photograph.


This Oceanside path in Spain looks like a cool place to take a hike.


A ship towing an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland

to prevent the iceberg from hitting an offshore drilling platform.


A beautiful photo of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.

Chimney Rock is on the left and Courthouse Mountain is on the right.


Apparently these beach boulders are located at Moeraki, New Zealand

and occur naturally…


It appears that this group of Gibbons are singing…

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Book Review: Gerald R. Ford (The American Presidents Series)

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Kind of like his Presidency, this bio was short and to the point. I got in, got out and no one got hurt—with the added bonus that I didn’t have to wade through 1000+ pages to learn everything I needed to know about the only President that no one voted for. Most interesting to me was the cast of characters he surrounded himself with, men who would continue to haunt the halls of government for decades to come: George H.W. Bush as the Director of the CIA; Donald Rumsfeld as his White House Chief-of-Staff, then Secretary of Defense; and Dick Cheney as Chief-of-Staff. Washington D.C. is, indeed, a small town and our government an elite club.  (3 of 5 Stars)

Link to Gerald R. Ford on Amazon

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Clear and Present Dangers……Henry Ford

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“Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built. ”

~Henry Ford

Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908

May 30, 2016 — 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500


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United States Air Force Flag

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May 20, 1951 — Captain James Jabara Becomes the First Jet Ace

May 20, 1927 — Charles Lindberg Departs Roosevelt Field in the United States

May 21, 1927 — Charles Lindberg Arrives Le Bourget Airport in France



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Lucifer’s Lexicon — Customer

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Customer — An individual with the uncanny ability to always be right, yet often sees a color other than blue when looking at the sky.


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Caternet Sauvignon

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Little Feat: Willin’ – An American Anthem

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The Immortal Jukebox

Sometimes the crowd cheers and you wear the laurel wreath. Sometimes you wear the motley of a fool and shrink before the jeers.

Sometimes you knock the ball right out of the park and set off for home with joy in your heart. Sometimes arriving home drunk and exhausted you look in the mirror and see your father’s face staring back saying- what in the name of god are you doing with your life?

In all the circumstances the only thing you have to do is to keep on keeping on. Keep on keeping on. Keep on keeping on whether you can read the signs of the times or not.

Keep on keeping on while you’re still on your feet. Keep on keeping on when you’re knocked clean off your feet. Keep on keeping on even if you’re lied to and left for dead with your head stoved in.


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