Catch a Wave

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glass 1 Alisa Nicholson

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Clear and Present Dangers……Ambrose Bierce

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“Doubt is the father of invention.”
~Ambrose Bierce


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Day Jobs of Famous Musicians

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atkins bookshelf musicBefore they packed concert halls and stadiums around the globe, many musicians held rather typical, boring — and sometimes very unusual jobs — early in their careers to make ends meet. They went from humble jobs that paid a few dollars an hour to being worth up to $700 million dollars. Not a bad career path. The inspirational lesson here is: early jobs in life should not define you — nor limit you; dream big. Here is a list of famous musicians and the jobs they had before they became famous and successful.

Beyonce: hair salon worker
David Bowie: delivery boy for a butcher
Johnny Cash: military code breaker
Elvis Costello: data entry clerk
Eminem: short order cook
Art Garfunkel: math teacher
Deborah Harry: Playboy bunny at the Playboy club
Mick Jagger: hospital porter
Cyndi Lauper: dog kennel cleaner
Courtney Love: stripper in Hollywood
Madonna: server at a Dunkin Donuts
Freddie Mercury: sold artwork and used clothing…

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Clear and Present Dangers……Christopher Columbus

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“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

~Christopher Columbus


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Kaleidoscope: F-18 Hornets in Formation

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Cooked Goose Transition

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Fly 'n Things

Words on Wednesday

How would you like to fly the Cooked Goose Transition?

Jepesen recently published this and a friend emailed it to me…


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On Writing: Peter Franco

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“The difference between reality and a pipe dream is the effort.”

~Peter Franco


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