On Writing: Khaled Talib

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Book Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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The Studies and Observation Group was a most interesting group of warriors fighting…well, fighting near Vietnam. Lynne Black’s triple-layered narrative—via the after-action debrief, events as they happened on the ground, and his internal stream-of-consciousness thoughts—about the ambush of RT Alabama by the NVA and its Prairie Fire rescue makes you stutter in disbelief—but it really happened. But what really amazed me was Black’s photo after his bio at the end: he looks normal. An incredible memoir. (5 of 5 Stars)

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Clear and Present Dangers……Louise Erdrich

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“When every inch of the world is known, sleep may be the only wilderness that we have left.”

― Louise Erdrich





Indianapolis Motor Speedway Flag

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May 30, 2021 — Helio Castroneves wins the 105th Indianapolis 500

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The Analects of Mudcat: Journalism

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“A reporter who pleads being misinformed represents the acme of professional incompetence.”
~M.T. Bass


“Democracy dies in darkness…”


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Clear and Present Dangers……John Connolly

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“The worst thing you can do as a writer is waste people’s time.”

― John Connolly





Pirate Flag

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May 23, 1701 — Captain William Kidd executed for piracy

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Book Review: Plum Island

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Plum Island (John Corey Book 1) by [Nelson DeMille]The main character, Detective John Corey, is a hit-or-a-miss kind of guy. He was sometimes endearing and sometimes obnoxious, but maybe that’s the way it is with a Manhattan cop stuck out on Long Island, recuperating from gunshot wounds. The mystery was okay and I even bought into the whole Captain Kidd’s treasure scheme, but I lost my willing suspension of disbelief at the end when Corey and Detective Beth Penrose—both non-boaters—ventured out into the ocean on a cigarette boat in the middle of a hurricane. (3 of 5 Stars)


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Clear and Present Dangers……Michael Chabon

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“One of the sturdiest precepts of the study of human delusion is that every golden age is either past or in the offing.”

― Michael Chabon





Join or Die Flag

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May 22, 2021 — Join or Die Flag

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