Clear and Present Dangers……Kerry Greenwood

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“If you are not scared then there is no merit in being brave.”

 Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood welcomed The Garret into her home.





Green Mountain Boys Flag

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May 10, 1775 — Fort Ticonderoga captured by Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold and the Green Mountain Boys


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The Analects of Mudcat: The Absent Minded

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“When the absent-minded get Alzheimer’s, do they start to remember stuff?”
~M.T. Bass






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Clear and Present Dangers……John Scalzi

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“It’s hard to sell the official story to people who can see things for themselves.”

― John Scalzi





U.S. Navy Flag

May 4-8, 1942 — The Battle of the Coral Sea


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Book Review: Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War


Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War by [Karl Marlantes]

Matterhorn wasn’t quite up to my expectations. It seems a fairly accurate portrayal of Marine infantrymen in Vietnam, but it was long–a bit too long. And it became a bit repetitive. Lt. Mellas was an okay hero. He certainly “grew” during the story, but his early yearning to seek out battlefield glory put me off. At the end, having a fake fragging before the final real one diluted the ending of the story for me. (3 of 5 Stars)

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On Writing: E.L. Doctorow

Writers Write Meme Gallery

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Clear and Present Dangers……May Sarton

“Most people have to talk so they won’t hear.”

― May Sarton





Pirate Flag

April 19, 1775 — In honor of the shot heard around the world.


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Clear and Present Dangers……Bernard Malamud

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“There are no wrong books. What’s wrong is the fear of them.”

― Bernard Malamud





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