U.S. Cavalry Flag

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January 8, 1877 — January 8, 1877 — Crazy Horse and his warriors fought their final battle against the U.S. Cavalry in Montana.

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The hidden harmony is better than the obvious…

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The Invisible Mind (Murder by Munchausen #3) — Now Only $.99 on Amazon!

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The Invisible Mind: The Evil Men Do Lives After Them… (Murder by Munchausen Sci-Fi Police Techno-Thrillers Book 3) by [M.T. Bass]

1/9 thru 1/15

“M.T. Bass kept me on edge the entire way. I can’t compare it to anything else.”  – Frank Frission 5-Star Review

Now unleashed, the “Baron” is resurrecting history’s notorious serial killers, giving them a second life in the bodies of hacked and reprogrammed Personal Assistant Androids, then turning them loose to terrorize the city. While detectives Jake and Maddie of the police department’s Artificial Crimes Unit scramble to stop the carnage with the Baron’s arrest, the cyberpunk head of the Counter IT Section, Q, struggles to de-encrypt his mad scheme to infect world data centers with a virus that represents a collective cyber unconsciousness of evil.

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Clear and Present Dangers……Wilbur Smith

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“They do say that socialism is the ideal philosophy-just as long as you have capitalists to pay for it.”

~Wilbur Smith

Happy New Year Flag

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January 1, 2022 — Happy New Year

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Camouflage: You’re doing it wrong…

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Article 15 — Now Only $.99 on Amazon!

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1/2 thru 1/7

“…Bass is an author of thrillers with a God-given talent to shock readers when they least expect it.”  

— Frank Frission Review of Article 15 (5 of 5 Stars)

“An entertaining character study and effective thriller…the story twists and turns with ease.” 

—Kirkus Reviews

Griffith Crowe, the “fixer” for a Chicago law firm, falls for his current assignment, Helena Nicholson, the beautiful heir of a Tech Sector venture capitalist who perished in a helicopter crash leaving her half a billion dollars, a Learjet 31, and unsavory suspicions about her father’s death. As he investigates, the ex-Navy SEAL crosses swords with Helena’s step-brother, the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum, and an All-Star bad guy somebody has hired to stop him. When Griff finds himself on the wrong side of an arrest warrant he wonders: Is he a player or being played?

Lawyers and Lovers and Guns…Oh, my!

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On Writing: Colm Tóibín

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Writers Write Meme Gallery


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Clear and Present Dangers……André Aciman

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“..time is always the price we pay for the unlived life.”

~André Aciman

Merry Christmas Flag

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December 25, 2022 — Merry Christmas

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