Clear and Present Dangers……John Bartlett

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“Being offended is a choice. I believe that. You don’t have – you don’t hear a word and you have to be offended.”

John Bartlett


Clear and Present Dangers……W.B. Yeats

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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

W.B. Yeats

Magnificent Monument Valley – 46 Fantastic Photos – Navajo Nation Part 2

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The Navajo name for the valley is Tsé Bii' Ndzisgaii (Valley of the Rocks). Monument Valley Power

The Navajo name for the valley is Tsé Bii’ Ndzisgaii (Valley of the Rocks). The photographer called this shot of Monument Valley “Power”. Photo #1 by Wolfgang Staudt

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Clear and Present Dangers……John Steinbeck

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“A man without words is a man without thought.”

― John Steinbeck

The Analects of Mudcat: Roughing It

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“There once was a time in America when “roughing it” meant something way different than leaving home without your iPhone.”

~M.T. Bass

Man on horse - Wild West - Monument Valley Arizona - Utah

Clear and Present Dangers……Vince Lombardi

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“Before I can embrace freedom, I should be aware of what duties I have.”

― Vince Lombardi

U.S. Army Flag

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June 3, 1784 – The U.S. Congress formally created the United States Army to replace the disbanded Continental Army. On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress had created the Continental Army for purposes of common defense and this event is considered to be the birth of the United States Army.





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