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Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.

~Werner Von Braun

I was perusing some survivalist blogs (don’t ask) and came across a YouTube video of a “rocket stove” that looked like way, way too much fun not to try:

And guess what? Even though I saw it on the Internet……It worked great in real life! In fact, it worked so darn good, I had to make it a permanent structure to compliment my charcoal Weber. (I’m a purist — we go through 300 lbs. of Kingsford a year.)


RS160408 - Rocket Stove

RS160408 - Blow Torch RS160408 - Seared Scallops

To make a long story short, Lola & I pitched an article to a well-known cooking magazine about creating a gourmet blow torch out of thirty bricks and kindling to blacken swordfish, sear scallops, saute asparagus, scramble up eggs & pepperoni, or even make a big ol’ mess of jambalya. Not only that, but it satisfies the patio pyromaniac in every suburban griller. Just telling friends you Bar-B-Que spaghetti sauce is worth the price of admission.

Anyway, the proposal evidently got sucked into a cosmic black hole somewhere, so there is now a new “Rocket Science” feature on my blog to share our recipes.

bon appetite!


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