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Remember the Alamo!

As expected, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, together with Senator Mike Lee and a band of brave House Republicans had about as much chance of success in their battle to put a stake into the heart of ObamaCare as did Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and the 180 or so defenders of the Alamo.  But let’s remember how that war turned out.

Now that the political looting and desecrations have begun, what can we learn in the post mortum of the “Great Government Shutdown of 2013”?

  • The true face of the GOP establishment showed itself.  Notice anything?  No, John Boehner does not count as a “person of color.”

131017 - GOP Establishment

131017 - Tea Party

  • “GET OUT!”  It is now confirmed that the GOP is as incompetent, success-averse and curmudgeonly as Bernard in Black Books.   See the election results from November 4, 2008 and, especially, Republican voter turnout November 6, 2012.


  • Democrats now irrefutably own ObamaCare lock, stock & barrel and they are pointing that gun directly at the heads of Americans.  (Eek, why the hate speech?)

131017 - ObamaCare Rate Increases


  • We now know exactly who is for the government and who is for “We the people.”


  • Democrats are stone-cold, mean-ass SOBs who will steam roll senior citizens and cancer-stricken kids to get what they want (see ObamaCare above).  If I ever need a heart transplant, I would want Barack Obama’s or Harry Reid’s, because I want a heart that’s never been used.

Obama 2008-2012


  • Oh yeah, the battle for “immigration reform” is next.

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