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Artificial Intelligence Day at Tesla!

September 30, 2022 Leave a comment

Today, Elon Musk previewed prototypes of Telsa’s new humanoid robot called Optimus.

“It’ll be a fundamental transformation for civilization as we know it,” said Musk. “”Our goal is to make a useful humanoid robot as quickly as possible, probably within three years and not more than five years.”

Musk has also said, “We’re setting it, such that it is, at a mechanical level, at a physical level, you can run away from it. And most likely overpower it. So, hopefully, that doesn’t ever happen, but you never know.”

Maybe…or maybe not…

Murder by Munchausen Trilogy

A Cyber Crime Thriller Series: Notorious serial killers digitally resurrected to live & hunt again in hacked replicants, pursued by detectives of the Artificial Crimes Unit.

With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon.”
~Elon Musk

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Murder by Munchausen, on #LisaBurtonRadio

August 25, 2018 Leave a comment

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Welcome all you hackers and programmers, and all the artificial intelligence listening in today. This is Lisa Burton Radio, and I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl. I’m pretty excited about this interview, because my special guest today is a police consultant working in the Counter IT section of the Artificial Crimes Unit. “Welcome to the show, someone who only goes by the name of Q.”

“First off, I just have to say, this really isn’t my kind of gig—I mean, it’s good to meet you, definitely, but when you work and play in the shadows, the spotlight tends not to be your friend. I guess, when you’re doing penance, though, you do what you gotta do. So, here I am.”

“It all sounds pretty covert to me. I’ve never known a cop who had a code name.”

“I’m not really a cop, per se. Now, the Department does sign…

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Another One Bites the Dust

September 1, 2017 Leave a comment



Release Date: February 2, 2018


MTB160629 - Murder by Munchausen Cover

Available at

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What does Technological Evolution Mean To You? (sex robots, I know)

April 5, 2017 Leave a comment


Evolution is any process of change or growth.  Biological evolution has been the primary vehicle of change and growth for life in the past bajillion years.  Technology, too, is subject to evolution.  Technology is also a powerful driver of change and evolution.  Technological evolution and biological evolution are becoming one distinct process, and after surveying developments which span both fields I think some very important and pressing questions arise.

In medicine, we have genetic engineering (altering life on a molecular level) and cyborg engineering (applying robotic science to human forms).  These breakthroughs are widely publicized and debated; this tech frontier is almost ho-hum since we hear about it so often.

Slightly more interesting are the ways we are using technology to emulate the natural world. We are beginning to replicate the form and function of other species.  These emergent technologies reproduce species-specific behaviors and processing, going so…

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