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Article 15 — Now Only $.99 on Amazon!

1/2 thru 1/7

“…Bass is an author of thrillers with a God-given talent to shock readers when they least expect it.”  

— Frank Frission Review of Article 15 (5 of 5 Stars)

“An entertaining character study and effective thriller…the story twists and turns with ease.” 

—Kirkus Reviews

Griffith Crowe, the “fixer” for a Chicago law firm, falls for his current assignment, Helena Nicholson, the beautiful heir of a Tech Sector venture capitalist who perished in a helicopter crash leaving her half a billion dollars, a Learjet 31, and unsavory suspicions about her father’s death. As he investigates, the ex-Navy SEAL crosses swords with Helena’s step-brother, the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum, and an All-Star bad guy somebody has hired to stop him. When Griff finds himself on the wrong side of an arrest warrant he wonders: Is he a player or being played?

Lawyers and Lovers and Guns…Oh, my!

Article 15 Page at Amazon



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