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Group Seeks Ban On Drive-Thru And Carry Out Meals

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MUDCAT FALLS — Last night’s city council meeting turned contentious as a group called Clean Living Americans Against Polymers petitioned the government to ban all drive-through fast food restaurants and To-Go menu options within city limits.

“We must break the tyranny of the petrochemical patriarchy by freeing ourselves and, ultimately, the world from the scourge of not only plastics, but all fossil fuel pollution,” said nine-year-old Milo Muir, who founded CLAAP in his suburban Riverview bedroom.

The proposed legislation was inspired by the “Be Straw Free” movement which has successfully outlawed plastic straws in cities across the nation.

“Our little Milo is a Dickens, but he does so love the environment,” said his mother, Marjorie Muir, who is CLAAP’s Vice President for Sustainability. “He is just adamant about making sure life on Earth survives so he can live to see his twenty-first birthday.”

The ban was opposed by all the usual suspects, including evil and heartless Republicans who want to rape Mother Earth, capitalist “Big Burger” fast food corporations interested only in profits, Trump Deplorables too lazy to cook, and Chinese restaurant proprietors.

“These wackos are attacking our great American way of life,” claimed Percy Wilcox of the Carry-out Lovers Against Persecution lobbying group. “Drive-ins and drive-thrus are uniquely and exceptionally American institutions that we should be proud to have exported around the world, but I guess cultural diversity is a one-way street.”

CLAP successfully thwarted CLAAP’s previous proposal to ban plastic straws in Mudcat Falls by using junk science statistical scare tactics warning of an apocalyptic rise in traffic deaths caused by increased incidents of Slurpee and Big Gulp lap spills while driving, claiming it to be an Armageddon akin only to texting while driving.

City Council President H.L. Kingfish referred young Milo’s initiative to committee.

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