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CDR: Polititosis

Polititosis is a malodorous personality disorder found predominantly in persons who passionately purport to “serve the public,” especially in and about capitol buildings and government executive offices. In about 90% of genuine polititosis cases, the origin of the odor is in the mouth, typically manifesting itself in foul pronouncements regarding public policy, political opponents and the relative intelligence of the unsupportive segments of the electorate. Other factors may also contribute to the overall stink, including an abscessed conscience, unclean financial accounts, cognitive decay, and lesions on the soul.

The intensity of polititosis may vary depending upon the election cycle, typically intensifying just prior to the casting of ballots. The condition is thought to be aggravated by the hypoxia resulting from the rarified air found at the peak of the pedestals upon which sufferers place themselves.

The disease is propagated largely via Mainstream Media. There is no known cure and the condition has been known to persist into retirement and, in many cases, even beyond death.

See also:  Irritable Bureaucrat Syndrome, Necrotizing Polititis, E. poli

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