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Book Reviews: Billy Mitchell, Long and Short…High & Low

Billy Mitchell: Stormy Petrel Of The Air [Illustrated Edition] by [Miller, Roger G.]

A too brief biography of an early aviation game-changer, who, after dogfighting the likes of of the Red Baron during World War I, came home to do battle with the military-industrial complex in a mission to establish an independent air power service branch–a fight that that ended in his court martial, but paved the way for the Army Air Corps success in World War II. Stormy Petrel of the Air is a good high altitude fly-over look at the father of the United States Air Force, but left me hungry to learn more about Mitchell. (3 of 5 Stars)

Link to Stormy Petrel of the Air at Amazon

Billy Mitchell: Founder of Our Air Force, Prophet Without Honor by [Gauvreau,Emile, Cohen,Lester]

On the one wing, Prophet without Honor is an interesting up-close look at General Mitchell from a man who knew him personally, offering insights into Mitchell’s relationships with other aviation pioneers like Glenn Martin and Hap Arnold and detailing his battles on behalf of air power against the Army and Navy brass before Congress, in the press and in the court room. On the other, Gauvreau’s obvious reverence and near idol-worship for the father of the U.S. Air Force became somewhat tiresome. His contemporary perspective also led to assumptions about the reader’s knowledge which left open some pretty big gaps, the worst of which was an inadequate explanation of the early Twentieth Century “Aviation Trust” working against Mitchell.  (3 of 5 Stars)

Link to Prophet without Honor at Amazon

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