First strike

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Birth of the bomber

Long before Curtis Le May billed airborne devastation as a weapon of peace, or Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris promised Winston Churchill that the unrestricted bombing of Germany would cost Britain ‘400 to 500 aircraft…[but] cost Germany the war’, the full power of air attack had been clearly seen by its inventor and first advocate.

No, not Billy Mitchell or Hugh Trenchard, but Glenn Martin.

At the crossroads of early flight

Glenn Martin in one of his earliest pusher biplanes made from (that’s right), bamboo, with the wings covered in doped silk. (SDASM 04-02386)

As much as anyone, Glenn Luther Martin stands at the centre of aviation in America. Just the fact that his first successful airplane combined an admiration for the Wright brothers with the design principles of Glen CurtissJune Bug, puts Martin firmly at the crossroads of early flight.

The plane didn’t last…

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