Hudson Flyer

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The New York World has paid $10,000.00 for Mr. Curtiss’ ticket from Albany to New York – when it might have brought him down by train for just $4.65.

The Birmingham News June 1st, 1910


Quite an undertaking

To fly from Albany to New York City was quite an undertaking in the summer of 1910. I realised that success would depend upon a dependable motor and a reliable aeroplane.

In preparation for the task, therefore, I set the factory at Hammondsport to work to build a new machine. While awaiting its completion, I took a trip up the Hudson from New York to Albany to look over the course and to select a place about half way between the two cities where I could land for gasoline and oil if necessary.

There are very few places for an aeroplane to land with safety around New York City. The official final…

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