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Polio as a Child, Man

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Kim Fowley died on January 15.  There are a lot of people who really despised Kim but I’m not one.  The first time I met Kim was at David Clayton Thomas’s wedding reception in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel.  (For those who don’t know, David was the lead singer for Blood Sweat & Tears.)  I was looking for the bathroom in a cavernous suite and opened the door to one of the bedrooms.  There was Kim, sitting alone at a table having dinner.

I was actually starving and said, where’s the food man?  Kim looked at me like I’d asked him which direction the Sun rose and he said, “Room service, man!”

Is this your room?

“It is now.”

And that was Kim all over.  And then there was the dark side.  If you saw The Runaways you kind of got the idea.

Years later, I met him again…

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