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A Running Beast

(Variation on a theme by C.T. Strasshofer)

In what god’s footpath
Could running fall?
A constellation’s azimuth?
A bared saber’s glint?

Could a single, pulsing ray of
Kalahari sun fuse me forward?
Or could my own melting lines—my
Blurred tail trailing be

So divined? Should sound explode to
Quiet at my passing—fell floating
Fragments of shattered stained glass
In the dim of a dune-swept mission—

Then what of light?
Could I, Big Cat eyes
Dilated, run on in darkness,
My slipstream waking

Back through time, like the ripple
Of a waterbug’s skate across
A palmed oasis pond?
I run, running until I

Wake to the still reflection of eternity……



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The Girl, the Stearman and the Trampoline at CDBaby

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