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CDR: Anapolitical Shock

Anapolitixis is an acute multi-system server Type I hypersensitivity reaction to landslide elections, coup d’etats and revolutions. The term comes from the Greek words ἀνά ana (against) and φύλαξις politixus (many blood suckers).

Due in part to variations in constitutionally defined terms and election cycles, between 5% and 20% of the incumbent political population of the United States can be considered “at risk” for an Anapolitical reaction if they are implicated in exposing the citizenry to one or more oppressive government programs or ineffective economic policies. Of those people who actually experience Anapolitixis, up to 3% may suffer a catastrophic career ending electoral seizure as a result, though most suffers usually convalesce comfortably in post-public sector service employment offered by legal partnerships and lobbying firms. Fear of Anapolitical Shock induces an establishment abhorrence of grassroots political activities, most notably the so-called “Tea Party.” In the United States, the malady usually coincides with the cold and flu season, with the number of reported cases peaking during the first or second week of November.

Outside of North America, Anapolitixis outbreaks have often been more virulent, and, occasionally, so severe as to involve the loss of body extremities (most notably heads) and death.

See also:  Battered Constituent Syndrome, E poliMalignant Prioritization Neoplasm, Marxism Syndrome by Proxy, Myopolitical Infarcation






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