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Crossroads — Discography with Author’s Note


Author’s Note


Everybody knows what a music video is. Well, this is a “music novel.” When I first conceived and wrote this story many, many moons ago, one of the basic premises was that a book whose characters are musicians should have a soundtrack. Modern technology has enabled me to fulfill that vision in ways I could not have even imagined back then. At the beginning of each of the twelve parts (like a 12-bar blues) and embedded occasionally along the way are thumbnails for YouTube lyrics videos. The images are all links that you can click on to listen to those songs and read the lyrics. The words and feel of these songs were specifically chosen to reflect, resonate and amplify the story’s characters and action far beyond just the specific stanza or chorus cited. In the videos themselves, I strove to present the lyrics in a tasteful, non-karaoke way, to capture the poetry of the songwriters.

In accordance with the wishes of the copyright holders, not all videos will be available on all platforms or in all countries. I wish you could listen to every one of the songs on your e-Reader as you enjoy the novel, but I guess I’m still just a little ahead of my time.

Of the 28 songs, only two videos were blocked completely, which is why you will hear Mozart instead of Led Zeppelin’s Over the Hills and Far Away. I have asked Warner Chapell Music to have this video unblocked and maybe they will allow it someday. YouTube deleted the video for Supertramp’s Take the Long Way Home, due to a copyright claim by Evergreen Social Media Associates. Therefore, I had no choice but to substitute a little bit of elevator music for that great song.  The Beatles catalog is not available on Spotify, so a tribute band’s renditions of A Day in the Life and Back in the U.S.S.R. were included on that playlist.

I literally wore the vinyl grooves down on many of these tracks. I hope you enjoy them, too, and encourage you to buy, download or stream these songs and albums.

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Crossroads Discography

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XR00 - Wheels of Fire
“Crossroads” (Live) by Robert Johnson; Noma (BMI); from the album Wheels of Fire recorded by Cream, released on the Atco recording label, August 9, 1968
XR01 - Sgt Peppers
“A Day in the Life” by John Lennon & Paul McCartney; Northern Songs Ltd. (BMI); from the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, recorded by The Beatles, released on the Capital recording label, June 1, 1967
XR01 - Who's Next
“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by Pete Townshend; Towser Tunes, Inc. (BMI); from the album Who’s Next, recorded by The Who, released on the MCA recording label, August 14, 1971
XR02 - Born to Run II
“Jungleland”, by Bruce Springsteen; Laurel Canyon Music Ltd. (ASCAP); from the album Born to Run; Recorded by Bruce Springsteen; released on the Columbia recording label, August 25, 1975
XR02 - Let It Bleed
“Gimme Shelter” by Mick Jaggar/Keith Richard; Gideon Music, Inc. (BMI); from the album Let It Bleed; recorded by The Rolling Stones; released on the London Records label; December 5, 1969
XR02 - Houses of the Holy
“Over The Hills And Far Away” by Jimmy Page/Robert Plant; Superhype Music, Inc. (ASCAP); from the album Houses of the Holy; recorded by Led Zeppelin; released on the Atlantic recording label, March 28, 1973
XR03 - Electric Ladyland
“Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi Hendrix; Bella Godiva Music (ASCAP); from the album Electric Ladyland; recorded by Jimi Hendrix; released on the Reprise recording label; October 16, 1968
XR03 - Electric Ladyland
“Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” by Jimi Hendrix; Bella Godiva Music (ASCAP); from the album Electric Ladyland; recorded by Jimi Hendrix; released on the Reprise recording label; October 16, 1968
XR03 - The Pretender
“The Pretender” by Jackson Browne; Swallow Turn Music (ASCAP); the album The Pretender; recorded by Jackson Browne; released on the Asylum recording label, November 10, 1976
XR03 - Barnstorm
“Turn To Stone” by J. Walsh/T. Trebandt; Pamco Music, Inc./Barnstorm Music, Inc. (BMI); from the album Barnstorm; recorded by Joe Walsh; released on the Dunhill recording label, September 30, 1972

“Can’t Cry No More” by J. Mclhenney; Downunder Tunes, Inc.; unrecorded, unreleased
XR04 - Paul Simon Greatest Hits Etc
“Slip Slidin’ Away” by Paul Simon; Paul Simon Music (BMI); from the album Greatest Hits, Etc.; recorded by Paul Simon; released on the Columbia recording label, November 1, 1977

“Against the Fools” by J. Mclhenney; Downunder Tunes, Inc.; unrecorded, unreleased
XR04 - Free Hand
“Just The Same” by R. Shulman, D. Shulman, K. Minnear; North Music, Inc. (BMI); from the album Free Hand; recorded by Gentle Giant; released on the Capital recording label, July 28, 1975
XR05 - Carney
“This Masquerade” by Leon Russell; Skyhill Pub. Co., Inc. (BMI); from the album Carney; recorded by Leon Russell; released on the Shelter recording label, June 26, 1972
XR05 - Rough and Ready
“Situation” by Jeff Beck; BFeldman and Co., Ltd. (ASCAP); from the album Rough and Ready; recorded by the Jeff Beck Group; released on the Epic recording label, October 25, 1971
XR05 - Still Alive and Well
“Still Alive and Well” by Rick Derringer; Derringer Music, Inc. (BMI); from the album Still Alive and Well; recorded by Johnny Winter; released on the Columbia recording label, March 1, 1973
XR05 - The White Album
“Back in the U.S.S.R.” by John Lennon/Paul McCartney; Northern Songs, Ltd. (BMI); from the album The Beatles, White; recorded by The Beatles; released on the Apple Recording Label, November 22, 1968
XR06a - Keep the Fire
“Keep The Fire” by Kenny Loggins and Eva Ein Loggins; Milk Money Music (ASCAP); from the album Keep the Fire; recorded by Kenny Loggins; released on the Columbia recording label, October 1, 1979
XR07 - Dreamboat Annie
“Crazy On You” by Ann & Nancy Wilson; Andorra Music (ASCAP); from the album Dreamboat Annie; recorded by Heart; released on the Mushroom recording label, February 14, 1976
XR07 - The Doors
“Break On Through (To The Other Side)” by The Doors; Doors Music (ASCAP); from the album The Doors; recorded by The Doors ; released on the Elektra recording label, January 4, 1967
XR07 - Aja
“Deacon Blues” by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen; ABC/Dunhill Music, Inc. (BMI); from the album Aja; recorded by Steely Dan ; released on the ABC/Dunhill recording label, September 23, 1977
XR09 - Saturday Night Feveer
“How Deep Is Your Love” by B., R., & M. Gibb; Unichapell Music, Inc. (BMI); from the album Saturday Night Fever; recorded by The Bee Gees; released on the RSO recording label, November 15, 1977
XR10 - Sailin' Shoes
“Easy To Slip” by Lowell George; Naked Snake Music (ASCAP); from the album; Sailing Shoes; recorded by Little Feat; released on the Warner Brothers recording label, January 1, 1972
XR10 - Karla Bonoff
“Lose Again” by Karla Bonoff; Seagrape Music (BMI); from the album Karla Bonoff; recorded by Karla Bonoff; released on the Columbia recording label; September, 1977
XR10a - The Stranger
“Only the Good Die Young”g by Billy Joel; Joelsongs (BMI); from the album; The Stranger; recorded by Billy Joel; released on the Columbia Recording label, September 29, 1977
XR11 - Back to the Bars
“A Dream Goes On Forever” by Todd Rundgren; Earmark Music Inc./Screen Gems Columbia Music (BMI); from the album Back to the Bars; recorded by Todd Rundgren live at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio; released on the Bearsville recording label, December, 1977
XR12 - Breakfast in America
“Take The Long Way Home” by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson; Almo Music Corp. and Delicate Music (ASCAP); from the album Breakfast in America; recorded by Supertramp; released on the A & M recording label, March 29, 1979
XR12 - Minute by Miinute
“Open Your Eyes” by Michael McDonald/Lester Abrams/Patrick Henderson; Snug Music (BMI), Loresta Music (ASCAP), Monosteri Music (ASCAP); from the album Minute by Minute; recorded by The Doobie Brothers; released on the Warner Brothers recording label, December 1, 1978
XR13 - Robert Johnson - The Legendary Blues Singer
“The Cross Road Blues” by Robert Johnson; Noma (BMI); from the album Robert Johnson, The Legendary Blues Singer; recorded by Robert Johnson; released on the Chary Budget record label, December 7, 1994
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