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CDR: Moneynucleosis

Moneynucleosis is a politically common, infectious and often widespread disease identified in the DSM-5 as an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder characterized by a chronic paralysis of the spirit and emotionally stunted ambition. Victims exhibit the aberrant behavior of repeatedly stacking up and measuring piles of money, then monomaniacally fixating on the variations in the height of each individual pile. In extreme cases, sufferers may seek to coercively even all the stacks out, which often leads to incarceration for civilians and reelection for politicians. In adolescents and young adults, the disease is characterized by fevered rhetoric, radical thought patterns and incoherent economic utterances. Over 90% of working adults are likely to have acquired immunity by the age of 30, allowing for the exemption of musicians, actors, academics and bureaucrats. Moneynucleosis sometimes goes away on its own, but heavy doses of responsibility, enlightened self-interest and protestant work ethic can help you feel better.

See also Equality, Liberty, Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Karl Marx, Frederich Engels, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Income Inequality and Redistribution of Wealth




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CDR: Liberty and Equality

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