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ObamaCare: Leave No Patient Behind

I had a medical check up the other day and came away with two realizations:

1. ObamaCare is going to do to medicine what the federal government has done to education.

The Superintendent of the Camden, New Jersey public school system, which has over 1,800 students enrolled in two high schools, recently announced that a grand total of three (yes 3) of those 1,800 yutes qualified as “college ready” on their SATs (The Daily Caller). This subject has beaten to death with reality obvious to all but those in charge of our children’s futures:

My doctor told me that ObamaCare intends to shift the current fee-for-service paradigm to physician compensation based on patient treatment results as evaluated against nationally established standards — Can anybody say “Outcome Based Medicine” without running screaming for the exits?

He readily admitted that this system poses a huge ethical dilemma for doctors: What happens when a man’s livelihood is damaged by patients who present the most challenging medical cases or those who do not follow his medical advise — most often low income, less educated patients? (See Camden, New Jersey above)  Does that doctor continue to treat them and suffer the financial consequences for it? Will corporate medicine be so selfless?  Insurance companies may not be allowed to disqualify customers based on pre-existing conditions, but what about health care providers? And then, of course, what does that mean to the sick people?

2. Doctors will be victims of ObamaCare as much as patients and need to be helped as much as the patients who will be provided Obama’s vision of “Affordable Care.”

While we normally look to our doctors as experts and authority figures when it comes to keeping us healthy, my impression is that they are as confused by ObamaCare as those of us on the receiving end of this public policy anal probe — “Roll up your sleeve and bend over, do you want regular or premium?”

My doctor readily admitted that he and his colleagues, do not really know what effect ObamaCare will have on the practice of medicine. That sure seems like a prescription for disaster: The real experts seem to have been marginalized with no idea what the politicians are up to in redesigning our nation’s healthcare system.

While my initial reaction was “how in the world could medical professionals be so uninformed about such transformative legislation,” I reminded myself that they are doctors, not policy wonks — thank God.  Perhaps it is time for a “Lab Coat Regiment” to help those who help us (http://www.blackrobereg.org/).

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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