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George Zimmerman & The New Jacobin Club

The Zimmerman verdict and aftermath is a sign post along the road being traveled by all of us as part of the American “Grand Experiment” in democracy and liberty.

Forget about exploitative cries of racism, the perversion of civil rights, prosecutorial abuse, the politicizing of the judicial system, media bias or the growing confederacy of low-information citizens or any of that familiar crap we’ve become all too accepting of in our society. Trees, not the forest. Symptoms, not the disease.

As Americans, we are all revolutionaries, inheriting our common heritage from a rebellion more than two centuries ago from what was then one of the world’s superpowers. Of course, not all revolutionaries are created equal: Adams vs. Lenin; Washington vs. Castro; Franklin vs. Mao; Madison vs. Guevara; Jefferson vs. Robespierre . . . .

If some of the more outspoken members of the DOJ, the DNC, MSNBC, CNN, the AP, the NFL, MLB, the NAACP, the AFL-CIO, the NBP, ASCAP, BMI, SAG — or any of the other self-appointed members of the “Committee of Public Safety” — had their way, is there any doubt that were this 1794 George Zimmerman would soon be climbing the steps to the guillotine?

Our revolution is once again at a crossroads and the Zimmerman travesty has illuminated the new Jacobins amongst us and from their words and actions there can be no doubt about their disturbing thirst for a new & improved Reign of Terror (Courtesy of John Nolte at Breitbart):

1. July 14:  Witness claims Hispanic man in Baltimore beaten by youths yelling, “This is for Trayvon.”

2.July 16:  Jogger in Mississippi claims he was attacked in retaliation for Zimmerman verdict

3. July 16: Pennsylvania business graffitied with ‘Kill Zimmerman,’ set on fire

4. July 16: Wisconsin man claims he was beaten by teens shouting, “This is for Trayvon.”

5. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protesters block freeway traffic in Los Angeles

6. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester raid a Walmart in Los Angeles

7. July 16: CBS reporter assaulted in Crenshaw during anti-Zimmerman protest

8. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester block major intersection in Newark, NJ

9. July 16: Thirteen arrested in Crenshaw for vandalizing cars and stores, assault

10. July 16: Waiter struck in head with a hammer

11. July 16: Windows broken at Men’s Wearhouse

12. July 15: Store window spray-painted with word “revolt”

13. July 13: New York Giants star threatens Zimmerman

14. July 14: ‘Wire’ creator David Simon says he’d bring a brick to Zimmerman courthouse

15. July 14: Singer attacked after dedicating song to Trayvon Martin

16. July 13: Teen arrested in Zion, Illinois for threatening violence

17. July 13: Gallery of death threats against George Zimmerman

18. July 15: “Kill Zimmerman” Facebook page removed

19. July 14: Man lights marijuana cigarette off burnt American flag

20. July 15: Dozen arrested in New York protest

21. July 15: New York protesters block traffic

22. July 16: Houston protesters block traffic

23. July 16: Police detain Houston protesters

24. July 16: Police officer assaulted in Los Angeles during Zimmerman protest

25. July 16: Los Angeles man claims targeted by anti-Zimmerman mob because he’s Hispanic

26. July 16: Arrest in Oakland at anti-Zimmerman protest

27. July 16: VIDEO: Zimmerman protesters block road, family’s emergency trip to the hospital

28. July 17: Organized mobs rampage thru Hollywood stealing; “unclear” Zimmerman related

29. July 16: Marine attacked, possibly stabbed – reports connect to Zimmerman verdict

30. July 16: Atlanta Falcon’s Roddy White suggests jurors kill themselves

Happy Bastille Day!

July 14

20130717 - BNYY Guillotine

  1. August 7, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    Gee, the whole drama and the decision have not shaken my world at all. We decided long ago in this wonderful country to leave such decisions to a jury of peers. So why all the concern?
    How about if we form the NAAWP? Now that would cause a storm~! Or maybe on television we should start the White Entertainment Network.
    I think the history of our country regarding the negro race is appalling…..but it is history.
    It has been shamed and mollified and harped on for long enough. Let’s just be Americans.


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