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In the Black: 1965 (Part 1) — Dirk Rangley Excerpt

In the Black 1965 - Pt 1

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Like those born into the species Homo Politicus, Dirk Rangely, Vice-President/Marketing, had come into this world with the innate understanding that the “Common Folk” — no matter how repulsive or disgusting they were — needed constant attention and frequent hand-holding for they formed the true basis for power with a capital ‘P’. On their broad and often sweaty shoulders were laid party platforms, legislative initiatives, foreign policies and economic reforms. At Erp Industries, Inc., the “Little Guys” ultimately did the real work that got product built and shipped, triggering the invoices that generated the company’s income out of which Dirk Rangely drew his handsome salary and against which he filed his excessive expense reports. This concept of practical/materialistic/exploitive reverence for the “Little Guys” was by now so ingrained into Dirk Rangely that it had become encoded in his DNA molecules to curse future generations of Rangely’s like other families were cursed with Huntington’s Chorea or Dwarfism.

Dirk Rangely’s peculiar genetic trait manifested itself as his tall, trim figure glided effortlessly — Dirk Rangely rarely engaged in any activity actually requiring effort — through the plant on his self-appointed mission to greet every person he saw in his quick, New England accent with the phrase: ‘Hi-there-how-are-you-today, (insert name here if known)’. He even encouraged the workers to call him by his first name, though many were reluctant to do so, more out of respect for his position than out of respect for Dirk Rangely himself. This canned phrase had evolved during only his lifetime into a completely reflex response to external stimuli, over which he could exercise no control and into which he could inject no feeling. It, too, was undoubtedly DNA encoded, and Dirk brimmed with pride each time he had heard the first words out of his children’s mouths: “Hi-there-how-are-you-today?”

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