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CDR: E. poli

Endacious poli is a species constituting the greater part of the normal intestinal flora of elective governmental bodies and political parties. Most varieties of E. poli are harmless or cause relatively brief verbal diarrhea, which most often flares up during policy debates. But a few particularly nasty strains, particularly during election years, can cause severe cramping in or complete paralysis of the conscience, extreme campaign flatulence, projectile vomiting of unfounded accusations or bloody anal expulsions of opposition research. Spread by contamination of media outlets through sound bites, speeches and political advertisements, exposed citizens typically exhibit symptoms of nausea and inflammation of their moral outrage.

See also Politics, Campaign 2012, Democrats, Republicans, Congress, President, Political Action Committees, Mainstream Media, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, David Axelrod, Paul Ryan, Priorities USA, Joe Soptic, ad naseum

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