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CDR: Econoenteritis

Econoenteritis is marked by sometimes severe inflammation of the both the upper and lower economic tracts resulting in acute intellectual diarrhea, political vomiting and punditary flatulence. It can be transferred by contact with contaminated mainstream and social media. The inflammation is caused by infection from socialistic, communistic and Marxist values, their toxins, societal parasites or an adverse reaction to something in economic realities.

Econoenteritis often involves citizenry heartburn, political identify group cramping and public protest spasms. Although usually an acute and self-limited disease that does not require pharmacological therapy, if left untreated, Econoenteritis can lead to more serious societal ills, such as riots, revolution, anarchy, and tyranny, as well as the persecution of religious, ethnic, political and economic groups.

See also capitalism, socialism, communism, Marxism, class warfare, revolutions (French and Russian), the Reign of Terror, redistribution of wealth, Occupy Wall Street, Zuccati Park, Adbusters, anti-sematism, liberals, anarchists, nihilists, libertarians, environmentalists, et al



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