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Unions, Radicals Seek to Spread Riots On-Line

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SILICON VALLEY — In high level, top secret meetings union leaders, community organizers and social media gurus have been urgently huddling to explore ways to leverage technology in order to conduct traditional picketing and demonstrating on the world wide web.

“Having thirty-five thousand people show up at the Wisconsin capitol building in Madison certainly makes a statement,” said Albert Slaughter, Vice-President of Outreach for the Coalition of Labor Against Penuriousness. “But imagine if we could get all sixteen million of our folks right in the face of everybody on Facebook and shut down their daily lives until our demands are met.”

Tens of thousands of concerned citizens have gathered to protest a Republican bill eliminating most collective bargaining rights from nearly all Wisconsin public employees.

It is estimated that Facebook has over 600 million active monthly users. Social media web sites like Facebook and Twitter have been credited with a key role in organizing the recent revolution in Egypt and demonstrations in Iran, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya.

Internal CLAP documents released by Wikileaks show that unions and activist groups are suffering under the weight of increased transportation costs due to rising oil prices required to get significant mobs of protesters bussed to a growing number of demonstration sites. Those expenses would be eliminated with on-line demonstrations, where protesters would, presumably, participate from their home or work  internet connections. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing costs for signs and banners would also be saved by using gif and jpeg images.

Another leaked memo postulated that not having to contend with cold weather demonstration locations, like Wisconsin, Ohio and Minnesota in February, could allow for a more attractive visual protest presentation, thereby garnering more support for their cause, especially from so-called angry white male “NASCAR dads.”

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