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CDR: Angeurysm

An angeurysm is an intense emotional response to an inquiry, question, expression of opinion or behavior which is perceived by the suffer to challenge or contradict their own beliefs, opinions or world view, resulting in a localized, blood-filled, balloon-like bulge of rage. When the size of the angeurysm increases, there is a significant risk of rupture, resulting in severe public relations hemorrhaging, other complications or even political, professional and/or commercial death. Angeurysms can be hereditary, but are most often found in elites whose prescriptions for the lives of others are either ignored or proven to be impractical, unworkable or undesirable.

See also Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, Global Warmists, Center for Science in the Public Interest, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Cass Sunstein, Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, Al Gore, Ed Rendell, et al



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