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Amazon.com Announces New Kindle

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SEATTLE — Two retailing pioneers, The Sharper Image and Amazon.com, have joined forces to bring an even newer twist to a new technology: a dual-screen Kindle electronic book reader.

“One of the market acceptance issues we have found with all electronic book readers is the loss of the book cover,” said Adrian Schnaubhaber, Sharper Image Product Development Manager. “Many people want to show off what they’re reading, which you cannot do with any of the products — Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader — currently on the market.”

Dubbed the Kindle “Two-Faced,” the new E-Reader will have a second screen on the back serving as a “virtual dust jacket” which will display the front cover of the book currently being read outward to the rest of the world.

“Reading does have a social function component which current technology is not addressing,” noted Schnaubhaber. “A book cover can be a great conversation starter to make new friends or a status marker to quickly, yet anonymously establish a person’s bona fides in a busy airport terminal or at a resort pool area.”

Schnaubhaber noted that the new Kindle will include a “ghost cover” feature so that a person can read one book, but display the cover of another, which he demonstrated by reading Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue while displaying the cover from President Obama’s Dreams from My Father.

In an exclusive five-year deal, the Kindle Two-Faced will be co-branded as a Sharper Image product.

Amazon.com strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy on-line. Founded by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon.com website started in 1995 as a place to buy books because of the unique customer experience the Web could offer book lovers. Bezos believed that only the Internet could offer customers the convenience of browsing a selection of millions of book titles in a single sitting. During the first 30 days of business, Amazon.com fulfilled orders for customers in 50 states and 45 countries – all shipped from his Seattle-area garage.

In 2009, The Sharper Image entered into a new era undergoing an exciting transformation, changing from a popular retailer to cutting-edge retail brand. The Sharper Image product is something you never knew existed until you saw it – then you had to have it. The Sharper Image products excel at providing real world solutions. Whether it is massage chair, a multi-function weather station or a nose hair trimmer it is always built and designed around three core principles: quality, innovation and design. The Sharper Image was founded on these principles and remains committed to them today.

The Kindle Two-Faced is scheduled to be available later this year.

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