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“Bite Me, You Right Wing Screwball”

I provoked the irrational ire of a self-avowed leftie, Alric_IV (“Bite me, you right-wing screwball.” – http://www.intensedebate.com/users/1461192 & http://www.pacifica.org/ ), when I commented on a Breitbart.com post this week regarding cries of “plagiarism” at the Huffington Post over George W. Bush’s book Decision Points (http://bit.ly/a9IOSz ):

“What in the living hell is wrong with you? He didn’t mention a favorite news site. And nobody but a slope-skulled knucklehead would think of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh as news. Obama was recommending that people who favor The New York Times should sometimes read The Wall Street Journal. And then he gave a vice-versa example and mentioned The Huffington Post. He did not mention favoring one or the other.

“There’s no dealing with you idiots. You see something, and no matter how goddamned simple it is, you always construe it to mean something it clearly did not. You need a punch upside your goddamned thick skull.”

I guess it is true: When the facts get tough, the left gets ad hominem . . . . and, evidently, violent.

Right Nancy?

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