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Time for a New Gadsden Flag . . . . Redux

“Lucy, you gots some ‘splainin’ to do.”

I had the following comment made regarding my attempt at a graphic political statement on Breitbart.com:

“Please…the D-Backs logo with the Gradsden motto…nothing sacred when it comes to making a buck, huh?”

Maybe a picture isn’t always worth 1000 words.  So, with a tip of the hat to Ricky Ricardo (who I assume was in the country legally):

I think there is a strong and ironic political point to be made that nearly 250 years after the original Gadsden flag first appeared, the Obama Regime is attempting to apply its “boot to the neck” of a southwest desert state renowned for rattlesnakes, which is suffering from the sneakers and sandals of hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens illegally treading on their soil.

I have nothing to sell, nor do  I make any such offers. Questioning the morals of someone who might (“nothing sacred”) is part and parcel of the attacks on capitalism, commerce and profits constantly heard from President Obama and the hemorroid-impressed lips of his minions.

In the exceedingly unlikely event that Major League Baseball and/or the Arizona Diamondbacks would authorize and license the use of their logo for a Gadsden Flag 2010, I would definitely buy one, if only to defy the economic boycotts called for against a state at least attempting to do its duty to protect and serve its own citizens.

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